Sandra Vargas


I’m Sandra Vargas, the person behind Sandygrafik, a Peruvian born graphic designer and illustrator based in Northern California.

My big eyed girls and whimsical animals are inspired by nature and fairy tales from my childhood, created with love and attention to details using a combination of both traditional mediums and digital techniques. Some of my characters have little stories to tell, giving them that touch of uniqueness and singularity.

My work is an amazing journey through a dreamworld that can be sometimes light and whimsical, reminiscent of story books from my childhood and my inner child. On the other hand, my work is dark and eerie, inspired by my love for macabre imagery and Victorian-Gothic novels.

Follow me to a creative journey through my imaginary world!


Graphic Designer

Instituto de Educación Superior Tecnológico TOULOUSE LAUTREC, Lima, Peru